My 34 thousands photos and pretty large numbers of videos were recovered in five days. I wonder whether the techs even had time to sleep. I had completely given up my hope since my MacBook Pro didn’t boot up at all. Kept flashing question mark. I didn’t realize before but I kept trying to boot it almost ten times a day and each time it did the same.

At first, I was like most of the guys out there looking for a way to buy an internal drive, install OS X and then transfer data from the original drive put in a caddy. It didn’t work at all. It didn’t mount. My Mac ran smoothly with the new drive but the old drive wouldn’t mount at all.

Then the real freak of me erupted. I had upgraded my drive couple of years ago with 1TB HDD. Guess what, I had over a decade photos and videos of all occasions. I couldn’t afford to lose them like that. I even put my drive in the refrigerator for an hour hoping that it would mount and I would begin to pull data. Nothing worked.

I began to look around hundreds of recovery shops and collect quotes. Most of the recovery shops showed their ugly faces and I knew they were so-called scammers. A few of them were good but quite greedy as soon as I mentioned the failed drive was of 1TB. Only a handful of them were eager to work with me with free diagnosis and estimate. None of them came under two grand. And I found recoversdata.com whose quote was the most competitive yet and sounded quite reliable. It had just launched. Website was not yet ready but I knew APPLE REPAIR CLUB, INC. so I approached them. Long story short – my data was recovered half the cost everyone else estimated.

If you are like me, do not fall for scammers. Do not delay. Just go to SavesData and get your data saved right in there.

I do not have enough words to express my gratitudes to APPLE REPAIR CLUB, INC. and SAVESDATA. They saved my over-a-decade photo and video libraries. This is something to be remembered and stay being grateful for. Thank you SAVESDATA for you unique efforts. Even-though you were just born, you were and are my lifesaver.

This is the review I initially wanted to write on some social sites, but I found SAVESDATA recently launched and not having those setup yet. Hence I personally offered them to get it posted in their site so that those who need recovery service may find the place easily. Hope it helps anyone needing a professional service yet in a very competitive price point. – Tej, Queens, New York

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